Submersible Water Pump  in Pakistan

Knowing the pricing range is crucial if you’re shopping for a submersible water pump in Pakistan. A number of elements, such as power, capacity, brand, quality, features, and depth requirements, have an impact on the price. Basic types typically cost around PKR 10,000, mid-range pumps cost between PKR 20,000 and PKR 50,000, and high-end pumps can cost PKR 50,000 or more. However, prices can vary. To select an appropriate submersible water pump at a reasonable price, take into account your unique requirements and compare costs from reputable vendors. Quality investments provide long-term dependability and effective water extraction.

Submersible Motor (Impo made in Turkey)


  • High operation efficiency and lesser power consumption
  • Water cooled rewindable motor
  • Can be easily dismantled and repaired
  • Industry standard NEMA Mounting dimensions
  • Cable materials according to the drinking water regulations Mech seal:Siv vs Sic/Optional
  • SIC shaft seal for maximum sand protection
  • Easy to mount with double flange
  • Optional PT 100 Sensor

submersible pump in pakistan


These Submersible Motors are

  • Suitable to couple with deep well submersible pump ends
  • Used for irrigation,

Head, H :Max 660 M                           Discharge : Max 10000 LPM

Flow , Q : 600 M3 /Hr                          Rating : 0.5 HP TO 500 HP

Liquid Temperature ,:  0 Deg  to 100 Deg

  • Features domestic water supply
  • Pressure boosting units
  • Ponds, Garden, Foundations, Industrial water supply
  • Sprinkle systems and mining
  • High operating efficiency
  • High durable & hygienic
  • Good resistance to sand
  • Can handle up thrust load
  • Can be easily dismantled and repaired
  • Can handle any acid liquid


  • Irrigation ,Domestic water supply
  • Fountains , Industrial water supply
  • Pressure Boosting units, Ponds
  • Gardens ,Sprinkler systems and mining.
submersible water pump price in pakistan

Submersible Pump Dealers in Pakistan


Pump Well Company (PWC) is one of the top submersible pump dealers in Pakistan. Get the best submersible pump price in Pakistan. Get to know the  25 hp submersible pump price in Pakistan and 3 inch submersible pump price in Pakistan.