Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps are used to transport fluids by the conversion of rotational kinetic energy to the hydrodynamic energy of the fluid flow. The fluid enters the pump impeller along or near to the rotating axis and is accelerated by the impeller, flowing radially outward into a diffuser or volute chamber (casing), from which it exits.

Common uses include water, sewage, agriculture, petroleum and petrochemical pumping. Centrifugal pumps are often chosen for their high flow rate capabilities, abrasive solution compatibility, mixing potential, as well as their relatively simple engineering.


  • Bulk plants
    • Wharfs
    • Paper Industry
    • Waster Water treatment
    • Filtration Plant
    • Textile
    • Weaving Mill
    • Spinning Mill
    • Cotton Industry
    • Fertilizer Industry
    • Cement Industry
    • Boiler Industry
    • Water Crafts
    • Factories
    • Farmers
    • Mines
    • HVAC and Cooling Towers
    • Municipal Water Supply
    • Power Plant/Water Plant
    • Pump Station
    • Marine and Ship Building
    • Fire Fighting Pump System
    • Industrial Water Supply System
    • Liquefied Petroleum Gas plant (LPG)

Pakistan Engineering Company Limited Local Manufacture of Pumps in Pakistan.

ACID Handling /Transferring /Processing /industrial Non Clogging Pump ,Deep Well Turbine Pump , Multistage/Booster Pump, Vertical Cardon Shaft Pump, Centrifugal Pump are suitable designed and experimentally developed to handle the wide variety of Chemical  liquid solid mixtures and for the viscous substances. They are robust, Reliable and easily accessible for quick maintenance. All components are manufactured from best suited materials using modern production methods with strict quality control.Intercharge-ability of parts is ensured.

Wet Part of Pump in different material as per customer requirement.

Impeller: Stainless Steel 316/Duplex Steel/Bronze/Cast Iron

Shaft: Stainless Steel 316/Duplex Steel/Bronze/Cast Iron

Suction Cover: Stainless Steel 316/Duplex Steel/Bronze/Cast Iron

Bearing Housing :Stainless Steel 316/Duplex Steel/Bronze/Cast Iron

Seal Ring :Stainless Steel 316/Duplex Steel/Bronze/Cast Iron

  • Manufacturing Facility in Lahore, Pakistan.
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