Submersible pump and motor

Pakistan Engineering Company (PECO) Submersible Pump and Motor

Submersible Motor (Impo made in Turkey)


  1. High operation efficiency and lesser power consumption
  2. Water cooled rewindable motor
  3. Can be easily dismantled and repaired
  4. Industry standard NEMA Mounting dimensions
  5. Cable materials according to the drinking water regulations Mech seal:Siv vs Sic/Optional
  6. SIC shaft seal for maximum sand protection
  7. Easy to mount with double flange
  8. Optional PT 100 Sensor


These Submersible Motors are

  • Suitable to couple with deep well submersible pump ends
  • Used for irrigation,

Head, H :Max 660 M                           Discharge : Max 10000 LPM

Flow , Q : 600 M3 /Hr                          Rating : 0.5 HP TO 500 HP

Liquid Temperature ,:  0 Deg  to 100 Deg

  • Features domestic water supply
  • Pressure boosting units
  • Ponds, Garden, Foundations, Industrial water supply
  • Sprinkle systems and mining
  • High operating efficiency
  • High durable & hygienic
  • Good resistance to sand
  • Can handle up thrust load
  • Can be easily dismantled and repaired
  • Can handle any acid liquid


  • Irrigation ,Domestic water supply
  • Fountains , Industrial water supply
  • Pressure Boosting units, Ponds
  • Gardens ,Sprinkler systems and mining.

Manufacturing Facility in Lahore, Pakistan.

Highest Efficiency pump in Pakistan

Highest Efficiency Motor in Pakistan.

Registered in Public Health Engineering Department.

Registered in C & W, Building Department.

Registered in Irrigation department.

Registered in WASA.

UL/FM Listed pump with FAT certification.

Local Manufacturing of Pump and Motor in Pakistan.

Made In Pakistan Electric Motor and Pump.

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