Mud Submersible Pump

Submersible Sewage Pump

PECO Submersible Sewage pumps

Fluid management SNP series submersible sewage pump.
Robust and reliable solid handling pumps for municipal, residential, industrial buildings, hotel, hospital and many other sewage and waste water application.
The SNP range is robustly constructed for years of trouble-free operation reducing your long term operational cost.
SKF NTN bearings, robust and durable to extend pump life.
Built in cooling system allows the pump to be partially or fully submersed. A proportion of the pumped liquid is circulated through the cooling barrel to cool the motor. Where external cooling barrel is required, the cooling sleeve may be separated from the pump casing, and individually connected to the cooling system.
Insulation class F/ H Maximum working temperature 185 Degree C.IPX8 protection with seal.
Mechanical Seal:
Double mechanical seals to protect motor. Tungsten carbides/tungsten carbide on pump side.
Graphite/silicon on motor side.
Oil Chamber:
Mechanical seals are oil lubricated to prevent liquid penetration into motor.
Optimized design to handle various liquids with maximum efficiency. Single blade, dual blades and three blades available.
Using CAD/CAM design to maximize efficiency and minimize wear.
The shaft has been designed to be as short as possible, reducing deflection and vibration. This extend the life of the mechanical seals, bearings and reduces operational noise.
Monitoring System:
Three heat control switches are embedded in the stator. These are activated should the stator temperature exceed 125 degrees C.
The water leakage probe is mounted inside of the oil chamber. Should the oil water ratio reach a pre-determined ratio a warning signal will be activated, and the pump switched off.(The oil in the chamber should be replaced at regular service intervals.)
Up to 10 cusec Pump available.

Highest Efficiency pump in Pakistan

Highest Efficiency Motor in Pakistan.

Registered in Public Health Engineering Department.

Registered in C & W, Building Department.

Registered in Irrigation department.

Registered in WASA.

UL/FM Listed pump with FAT certification.

Local Manufacturing of Pump and Motor in Pakistan.

Made In Pakistan Electric Motor and Pump.

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