Juice Circulation Pump

Juice Circulation Pump

PECO Pump are driven by means of a horizontal Non clogging  Centrifugal Pump for Sugar Cane/Juice Circulation

PECO industrial Non Clogging Pump  are suitable designed and experimentally developed to handle the wide variety of Sugar Cane juice, Chemical  liquid solid mixtures and for the viscous substances. They are robust, Reliable and easily accessible for quick maintenance. All components are manufactured from best suited materials using modern production methods with strict quality control.Intercharge-ability of parts is ensured.


Sludge & Sewages:

Crude rough screened sewages, storm water with sewage, industrial and chemical affluents, Partially treated sewage, crude sludge digested sludge.

Settled storm water , water filtration plant and similar application.

Paper Industry:

Mixture of water cellulose and pulp.

Sugar Industry:

Raw juice ,milk of lime juice ,muddy juice, raw water, Soda solution ,Hot syrup.

Food Processing Industry:

All types of mixture of water with vegetables, fruit, peeling, grains etc.

River Water:

For lift irrigation, settled storm water and canal/lake water.

Chemical Industry:

All types of chemical fluids containing crystalline solids,  vegetable oils , soups, ammonia, brine.


Pump Casing:

Volute type pump casing with tangential discharge made of high grade cast iron, can also be supplied in nickel cast iron or bronze against special orders, Casing in hydraulically pressure tested before assembly. An opening is provided on the upper side for impeller cleaning. The stuffing box is packed with graphite and lubricated hydraulic cotton packing which also suits ammonia, brines and  other fluids even at elevated temperatures. Stuffing box can be supplied with mechanical seal on request. Wear rings are fitted in the pump casing to prevent leakage.

Suction Cover:

A large opening is provided in the suction cover for the easy removal of suspended matter clogges at impeller inlet.


Single suction closed type impeller of the fine grain cast iron is supplied as standard impeller for pumping sewage water where as impeller in bronze stainless steel/Nikel cast iron/Duplex-steel is supplied against specific order. Impeller is statically and dynamically balanced and back filed on vanes for vibration free running. The vanes are robust and have well rounded inlet edges to prevent entangling of rags or strings.

Bearing Pedestal:

Heavy duty bearing pedestal of high grade cast iron is connected to the pump casing through adopter. The pump shaft is supported in two widely spaced large size Deep-Grove ball bearing fitted in the pedestal. The shaft is made of high quality carbon steel for pumping sewage pump, where as stainless steel shaft is supplied against specific order. The shaft is capable of safety transmitting the heavy torque. A bronze sleeve is fitted under gland packing and bush bearing. An oil Reservoir built in the pedestal keeps the bearing lubricated. End cover of the bearings are fitted with oil and drip-proof seals.


Pump and Motor are coupled through flexible / universal type couplings.

Model and their Suction Delivery size.These model are applicable on 760 rpm, 960 rpm ,1450 rpm ,2900 rpm and 3500 rpm electric motor(8 pole/6 pole/4 pole/2 pole).

NP 63 L  (3” by 2 ½”)

NP 100 L  (4” by 5”)

CNP 65-315 ( 3” by 2 1/2”)

CNP 80-400 (4”by 3”)

CNP 100-250 (5” by 4”)

CNP 100-400 (5” by 4”)

CNP 125-500 (6” by 5”)

CNP 150-315 (6” by 6”)

CNP 200-315 (8” by 8”)

CNP 200-400 (8” by 8”)

CNP 300-350 ( 12” by  12”)

CNP 300-500 (12” by 12”)

electric motor or diesel engine through a flexible coupling or universal mounted on  a rigid fabricated base frame. Perfect alignment guarantees trouble free service.

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