Month: May 2022

Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pump Features: 1) Service Friendly and Water Resistant(Replaceable wear ring) 2) Energy Saving( Optimized hydraulics with high efficiency) 3) Versatile (Wide selection of materials for all fields of application) 4) Durable (Sturdy Bearing assembly) 5) Standard-Compliant (Connection dimension and rating as per EN 733) 6) Economical and maintenance free 7) Easy to dismantle (Back …

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Submersible pump and motor

Pakistan Engineering Company (PECO) Submersible Pump and Motor Submersible Motor (Impo made in Turkey) Features High operation efficiency and lesser power consumption Water cooled rewindable motor Can be easily dismantled and repaired Industry standard NEMA Mounting dimensions Cable materials according to the drinking water regulations Mech seal:Siv vs Sic/Optional SIC shaft seal for maximum sand …

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Juice Circulation Pump

Juice Circulation Pump PECO Pump are driven by means of a horizontal Non clogging  Centrifugal Pump for Sugar Cane/Juice Circulation PECO industrial Non Clogging Pump  are suitable designed and experimentally developed to handle the wide variety of Sugar Cane juice, Chemical  liquid solid mixtures and for the viscous substances. They are robust, Reliable and easily …

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Variable frequency drive

INVT Inverter Variable Frequency Drive GD 200 A series High performance 1.More Accurate Motor Auto tuning 2.Advanced open loop vector control 3.Perfect voltage and current control, reducing the fault protection times 4.Multiple braking modes and instant stopping 5.0.75kW~500kW(Three Phase 400V) 6.Upto 40% saving on electricity bill Features 1.VF and Sensorless Vector Control 2.Up to 0.5Hz/150% …

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Mud Submersible Pump

Submersible Sewage Pump Highest Efficiency pump in Pakistan Highest Efficiency Motor in Pakistan. Registered in Public Health Engineering Department. Registered in C & W, Building Department. Registered in Irrigation department. Registered in WASA. UL/FM Listed pump with FAT certification. Local Manufacturing of Pump and Motor in Pakistan. Made In Pakistan Electric Motor and Pump.

Gear Pump

GEAR‌ ‌OIL‌ ‌PUMP DESCRIPTION:  Gear Oil transferring Pumps are applicable to transfer various kinds of oil like crude oil, diesel & lubricating oil. If equipped with copper gears, they can transfer low flashpoint liquid like gasoline and benzene and so on. Temperature of medium is not over 70°C. If for a high temperature resistant pump, …

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Explosion Proof Motor

Explosion Proof Motor Standards Motors comply with the following international standards: IEC 6003430 GB 18613-2012 (3 Levels) NEMA MG1 Degree of Protection Motors comply with ingress protection IP-65,Pi-66 having high protection against solid objects, water and oil from entering into motor body. It also avoids getting the electric shock and contract of the rolling parts. …

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Cardon shaft pump

Vertical Cardon Shaft Pump PECO Vertical Cardon Shaft sewage Pump This Vertical Cardon Shaft Pump is with semi open impeller ,design for corrosive wet pit applications. This heavy duty pump can also be constructed with API design upon request. Fluid this Sump pump can handle are: -Petrochemicals -Hydrocarbons Alkaline substance Acid Fluid -Chemical such as …

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Monoblock Pump PECO PCE:Monoblock Pump:- A study bracket of cast iron with foundation holes carries the pump volute casing at one end and flagged. PECO-Newman motor on the other end. Pump and motor shaft are an integral part. The shaft is protected against against wear and corrosion by a stainless steel sleeves. This type is …


Self Priming Pump

SELF-PRIMING SEWAGE PUMP DESCRIPTION & FEATURES:  PJ series are self-priming, solids handling, resistant to abrasion. These pumps can handle liquids up to a viscosity of about 50 mm²/s. They are designed with the advanced device Maintenance Hole and Wear Plate, easy to clean and flush. PJ & PJZ pumps have wide applications in industry, marine …

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